Quote Terms and Conditions


Unless otherwise specified, all quotes are for materials only, and do not include shipping or transit costs. If you need a quote for shipping costs, please ask your sales representative to obtain one for you. We ship via most major carriers and can ship on a customer provided account number, or prepay and add the costs to the customer invoice. Materials may also be picked up at our main address, free of charge.

All quotes for materials are subject to prior sale. Because of the nature of our business and a specialty in selling obsolete and hard to find electrical equipment, many items we quote may be difficult or impossible to supply, if sold to another customer, before you decide to purchase. If a significant amount of time has passed since you obtained a quote, you should contact RNT Supply, Inc. again to ensure that the materials are still available.

Some items may have limited availability. If you require a greater quantity of any item that you have requested, you should contact your sales representative to ensure that they are available prior to placing your order.

All RNT Supply, Inc. quotes should include a unique identifying catalog number and/or description. Unless stated otherwise, all materials will be shipped per the original configuration by the factory, and will not include accessories such as thermal units, fuses, optional equipment, etc. Any accessories or modifications needed should be clearly noted in the customer's request.

Lead Times

Please note any lead time that may be specified along with your quote. Lead times are calculated on a 24 hour basis, and given in working days. A "Same Day" lead time refers to orders that may be ready for pick up or transit on the same day the order is placed. A 1 day lead time indicates that the order will be ready for pick up or transit the following business day, after the order is placed. This same logic applies as lead times increase. Business days are Monday thru Friday, weekends are not included.

Product Revision Information

Products that have been in production for longer periods of time may have been subject to design and/or appearance changes by the manufacturer. If the catalog number did not change during these design changes, a series number or letter code may have been applied to track modifications to the original design. In most cases, a series change will NOT prevent a unit with the same catalog number, but different series number, from being used as a suitable replacement. If you have concerns about trying to match a specific series or vintage of a given catalog number/product, you should make that known at the time of your request.