To make a warranty claim, please contact our sales department at 877-220-7281 or email us.

Warranty Policy
RNT Supply, Inc. offers a 1 year warranty on all items purchased. Should any part we sell fail under normal operation after having been installed by a qualified individual, we will replace that part at no cost to the customer. Replacement components will be shipped at our expense via ground service with our carrier of choice. Special shipping arrangements or expedited services and all associated costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

All failed items must be shipped to RNT Supply, Inc. for warranty repair. The customer shall ensure items are adequately packaged to protect them from damage, RNT Supply, Inc. will not be held liable for damage that occurs during transit to our facility. RNT Supply, Inc will cover all related costs and labor for parts covered under warranty that are returned for repair at our facility.

If necessary and available, a replacement unit or repair components may be shipped in advance of receiving the defective unit. In this instance, the customer will be billed for the replacement parts and credited upon return of the defective part.

If the customer elects not to return a complete item for repair and instead chooses to have individual repair components sent to them, costs related to the installation of those components will be the responsibility of the customer.

Additional Warranty Information

RNT Supply, Inc. will not be responsible for consequential damage to items/components caused by either internal or external equipment, shorted connections, or components that were not purchased from RNT Supply, Inc. or that RNT Supply, Inc. did not install within the purchased materials. RNT Supply, Inc. will not be responsible for damages to any connected components, loss of data inadvertently caused by products, loss of production time, or any other loss beyond the cost of the purchased item, under either normal or abnormal use, that were purchased from RNT Supply, Inc.  The warranty does not cover damages or defects that may have been caused by: shipment, improper installation or maintenance, misuse, neglect or improper environmental conditions, repair, modification, adjustments/options/parts that were not installed by an RNT Supply, Inc. employee, inadequate/excessive electrical power surges, or other power irregularities.  RNT Supply, Inc. will not repair, replace, or refund any purchase if the item serial numbers do not match our records, or the item shows evidence of tampering.